RETZ Governance

RETZ  is governed by the Board of Trustees which is headed by the Board Chairperson. The Board, made up of people with various expertise and background, is the supreme authority that jointly provides and defines the strategic direction of the organization and oversees its implementation. The Board’s purpose is to guide RETZ’s strategic direction and activities so that they are reflective of the founding principles, vision, and mission.   The Board also appoints and receives expert advice/support from Board Advisory Council which is a team of technical experts who act as RETZ’s institutional technical capacity builders or interphase between the Board and the Secretariat.  The Board is also responsible for the appointment of the secretariat. The Secretariat consists of three departments namely; Finance and Administration, Programmes, as well as Research and Development which are headed by the Managers who assist the Head of Programmes on the day to day activities of the organization.


The Head of Programmes is charged with the responsibility of translating policy decisions of the Board into concrete programmes of action for the achievement of the Trust’s Mandate in and outside Zimbabwe.  The Head of Programmes also has the responsibility for planning, supervising and coordinating the implementation of the programmes, and for the day-to-day running of the organization.  The Head of Programmes is an ex-officio member of the Board to which she/he reports.