Growing population means limited resource, so it is important
to use resources wisely.

Higher household energy
consumption contributes
to the destruction
of the planet.

Reduce pollution of the
natural resources such
as the air, water,
and soil.

Take smart, economical steps to reduce demand for fossil fuels such as coal,
oil & natural gas.

Rural Enterprise Trust of Zimbabwe (RETZ) is a private non-political, non-profitable organization created in 2014 to respond to the needs of the Zimbabwean people. Its focus is to sustain, strengthen, and promote socio-economic freedoms as the yardstick for sustainable development.

RETZ was founded on the belief that communities have the knowledge, resources, and potential to grow ideas that determine their own sustainable development initiatives and therefore should be given the choice and freedom to pursue them.

RETZ contributes to this belief by strengthening the capacity of local marginalized communities to explore and grow their ideas.Our primary focus is:

Training and Capacity building

Information Dissemination and Awareness Raising

Promotion of Innovative Systems and Technology

Our Mission

To develop and build economic agency among rural communities through the implementation of business systems and pathways that initiate innovative commodity commercialization for rural transformation and economic development.

Over the years, Zimbabwe has witnessed numerous economic and governance challenges that have led to the erosion of community socio-economic safety nets thereby compounding the myriad of vulnerability among most citizens. This points to the need for preventative long lasting solutions that will ensure the socio-economic development of the marginalised grass roots in Zimbabwe. This was the philosophy behind the establishment of RETZ; to uphold marginalised communities by supporting freedoms through economic and enterprise development initiatives.


Our Vision

To see rural communities who fairly take part in trading and inclusive business with increased production and incomes.

Our Goal

To facilitate sustainable socio-economic development among marginalised communities through promotion of entrepreneurship.